Our Business and Vision

The Quartz Corp is a major supplier of high purity quartz, feldspar, and mica sourced from Spruce Pine, North Carolina (USA), Mining is the main industry in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, due to the region's unique geological makeup: Not only does the majority of quartz sand used in semiconductor manufacturing come from the mountains in the surrounding areas, the region is also the USA's leading producer of mica and one of the largest sources of feldspar. To put it another way, Spruce Pine accounts for 60% of US feldspar production and has the most concentrated area of feldspar reserves in the country. Mining of feldspar in North Carolina began in 1911, and is mainly concentrated in the Kings Mountain area of Mitchell country.

The Quartz Corp is registered in Paris, France, with further offices in Oslo and Molde, Norway. An additional office was opened in China in 2015. The company was formed in 2011, and is a joint venture between Imerys Minerals and Norsk Mineral AS. For more information on both companies, take a look at our history.

Through worldwide locations, a network of manufacturing sites and an efficient logistics system, we are always available to our customers in most parts of the world.