The QUARTZ Corp was founded from the merger of Norsk Minerals quartz operations in Drag, Norway, and Imerys' world-renowned alaskite resources in the Spruce Pine area of North Carolina (USA). The companies have joined their mineral resourses and processing expertise to develop High Purity Quartz.

Key Dates

1908 - The first recorded production of feldspar at Drag, Norway.

1914 - Regular production of feldspar started at Drag. The production was essentially in the form of potassium-feldspar, in addition to some quartz. Feldspar has been used for pottery and porcelain, both in Norway and other countries. The quartz was only sporadically used and then sold as lumps to ferrosilicon smelters in other places in Norway, mainly Meråker and Kristiansand.

1957 - Incorporated in North Carolina as the Lawson-United Feldspar and Mineral Company.

1972 - Lawson-Boone Mica Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lawson-United Feldspar and Mineral Company, was merged into its parent, Lawson-United Feldspar and Mineral Company.

1975 - NGU initiated the start of the modern quartz exploration in Drag.

1977 - Feldspar production ends at Drag.

1983 - American Nepheline Corporation and ANC Minerals, Inc. were merged into Lawson-United Feldspar and Mineral Company. As part of this transaction, Lawson-United changed its name to Indusmin Incorporated.

1985-1987 - The mines and the mineral processing plant at Drag was opened/built. Elkem and Norcem were owners of the new company Minnor.

1988 - Minnor failed to produce the qualities that were planned, and they could not get customers to use material from the plant. The company therefore went bankrupt after only 10 months of operation. The loss was enormous for the small place of Drag. Minnor had 40 employees and had also contributed to other service activities in the area.

1989 - 1994 - Minnorco was formed on the site of Minnor, where a smaller operation continued to mine the deposit. For a period Minnorco was owned by the German company Metall Gesellschaft AG.

1990 - Hecla Mining Company acquired all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Indusmin Incorporated from Natresco Incorporated, an Ontario, Canada corporation, pursuant to the terms of a Share Purchase Agreement. The SPA was made a part of an Option and Escrow Agreement between Unimin Corporation, Falconbridge, Inc. and Natresco, dated July 13, 1990. The Option and Escrow Agreement was amended by the Option Amendment Agreement, dated December 13, 1990, between Unimin Corporation, Falconbridge, Inc., Natresco and Hecla and by the Assignment Agreement, dated December 7, 1990, between Unimin and Helca.

1991 - The name of the corporation was changed to K-T Feldspar, Inc. Later that same year the name of the corporation was changed to K-T Feldspar Corporation.

1996 - Norwegian Crystallites AS was formed by new owners and begins production of high purity crystal quartz for high technology end use from the Drag plant in Northern Norway. The new owners had been mining for over 60 years. Norwegian Crystallites was owned by Norsk Minera until 2011l. A family owned company with headquarters in Molde.

2001 - Imerys USA, Inc. acquired all of the issued and outstanding stock of Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company, K-T Feldspar Corporation, and Southeastern Land Resources Corp. in a Stock Purchase Agreement between Hecla Mining Company and Imerys USA, Inc., dated February 27, 2001.

2007 - Imerys aquired the Feldspar Corporation, a subsidiary of the North American group Zemex Corporation comprising its feldspar and kaolin activities.

2011 - K-T Feldspar, The Feldspar Corporation and Norwegian Crystallites form The QUARTZ Corp.

The Company's goal is to be a competent and responsible operator and a supplier of choice.