Key Facts


The QUARTZ Corp is a joint venture between Imerys and Norsk Mineral AS. an independent mineral exploration and production company with operations in Norway and the USA.


The QUARTZ Corp was founded in 2011 to supply the growing world need for High Purity Quartz. More

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company’s goal is to be a competent and responsible operator and a supplier of choice, creating a strong, lasting and mutually rewarding partnership with our customers throughout the world.

It is our ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of the mineral production process and to contribute to a more sustainable environment, as well as minimise the environmental impacts of our operations throughout the world.

We understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’ but acknowledge that progress will be made by making operational and personal improvements to reach our sustainability targets.


Over 160 people are employed by The QUARTZ Corp world-wide from, including over 130 people in an operational or technical capacity.

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