Plastics and Elastomers

Both Minspar products and mica products from the Quartz Corp can be used in the plastics and elastomers industry, improving performance, durability, and color of end products.


Specific Applications:

  • Silicone Elastomers
  • Rubber
  • Flexible Membranes
  • Mold Release
  • Plastic Parts for the Auto Industry
  • Polymer Packaging Films
  • Extruded and Thermal Formed Plastics

Our Minspar line products act as functional fillers and extenders for a diverse range of polymer applications. Whether the objective is anti-blocking for high clarity film, improved thermal and forming properties in thermoplastic olefins and elastomers, or the optimal balance of function and appearance in translucent, transparent, or opaque plastics, we can provide a solution.

Silicone elastomers often have to operate in service temperatures of either extreme cold or extreme heat. The latter environment requires selective formulation to achieve long term flexibility. The "available iron reduction process step" in Minspar's process route provides a clean, catalyst free mineral, which, combined with its low index of refraction, make this an excellent choice for silicone, which is often sold in unpigmented, semi-clear formulations.

Key Qualities:

  • Excellent semi-reinforcing filler
  • Consistent colour, purity, and size distribution
  • Very high loading with minimal effect on viscosity


Our dry ground muscovite mica, P80F, is used in the auto industry to improve performance of plastic parts. The particles serve as an agent to absorb sound and vibration. It can also improve mechanical properties by increasing stability, stiffness, and strength.

Our mica is also used extensively in rubber applications as an inert filled and mold release agent in the manufacture of molded robber products such as tires and roofing. The platy grains of mica act as an anti-sticking agent.

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