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What is the best way to transfer HPQ from IBC bags into drums?

The best way to transfer the HPQ from the IBC bags is using our debagging equipment that has been especially adapted for this purpose. This allows the IBC bags to be unloaded from the spout on the underside of the bag while minimizing an external contamination. The engineering designs for this equipment can be found in the attached pdf file.

Where and how should we store the IBC bags?

The IBC bags should be kept in a clean, dry store room dedicated for the storage of these bags only.

How do we minimize contamination of the quartz?

Always use the recommended transfer and storage method for the big bags. Ensure that the room where the transfer takes place is clean and free from dust and strong airflow, never let the big bag or drums remain open longer than is necessary. Use a plastic scoop to remove the quartz from the drums and never a metal scoop.

What are your quality control procedures?

We have a production process control system that continuously measures a series of physical and chemical parameters during the production process. We sample each big bag produced and test the samples for particle size and chemistry in the laboratory.

Will you email us when the product is despatched from the plant?

You will automatically receive a despatch notice from our team at the plant when your product is despatched from the plant.

When/How will we receive custom clearance documentation?

You will receive electronic copies; the Invoice, Packing List, Analysis Report and Bill of Lading with confirmation of the container shipment’s ETA before the arrival of the goods. After the payment, you will receive the telex released BL. With all of the documents you get, you will be able to clear the customs.

What is your recommended best practice for producing crucibles?

For 22 inch crucibles we recommend that you use NC1 for the outer unmelted layer and NC4A for the body of the crucible, this will give you the cheapest raw material cost. For crucibles of 24 inches we would recommend that you use NC1 for the outer unmelted layer, NC4A for the body of the crucible and NC4X for the inner lining of the crucible. For crucibles of 26 inches and upwards, we recommend that you use NC4X as the raw material for the body of the crucible, and NC1 for the outer unmelted layer.

What is the source of the quartz used to make your HPQ products?

Our NC4X and NC4A products are based on quartz from Spruce Pine, North Carolina, USA and the NC1 product range is based on a quartz from Drag Norway.

What is the transit time from the plant in Norway to Shanghai?

The usual transit time from the plant in Norway to Shanghai is approx 35 days.

Do you accept payment by acceptance or credit letter?

All payments should be made by telex transfer after your receipt of the whole set of shipping documents sent by email which consists of the invoice, packing list, analysis report, bill of lading and confirmation that the container shipment will arrive in good time at the appointed port. When the payment has been made, The QUARTZ Corp will release the container through the authorized forwarder or agent in China by telex release format immediately, once the confirmed payment has been received the original documents will be sent later.

Are there other HPQ supplier from Norway?

At the moment no. The QUARTZ Corp/Norwegian Crystallites is the only HPQ supplier from Norway. If another company claims that they sell HPQ from Norway, they must be an unauthorized trader and we recommend that you do not buy anything from them as they are unlikely to be selling authentic products.

How do we sign a contract, as it is difficult to meet in person?

We will draft a contract proposal for the customer’s revision after our negotiation over the major points, then we sign the contract via scanning and emails without having to meet personally. We do visit customers in their countries and we invite our customers to visit our office in Oslo.

Do you have an agent to sell your product?

No. We do not have an agent to distribute our product anywhere in the world at the moment. Any company that claims to sell our product are unauthorized traders, and we do not assume any responsibility for the product sold by them. We sell all of our product directly from Norway in order to give the consumer the best possible price and maintain a smooth communication regarding technical issues.

The Company's goal is to be a competent and responsible operator and a supplier of choice.