The Quartz Corp offers a range of feldspars, including sodium, potassium, and mixed feldspars. Feldspars are aluminosilicates. Their fusibility and purity make them an essential raw material with many industrial applications. The geological context specific to each deposit gives the feldspars a variety of physical and chemical properties, suitable for a full-range of ceramic and glass-making applications.


The Quartz Corp's mica powders are extracted from deposits in Spruce Pine and Drag along with quartz and feldspar. They are distinguished from other silicate minerals by their high aspect ratio and elasticity. Using a variety of selection and processing methods, mica is isolated from the other minerals, creating products with a range of particle sizes.

High Purity Quartz

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The Minspar™ product line is a carefully controlled, high quality sodium/ potassium/ calcium aluminum silicate ground to specific particle size.