5 Major Improvements to our Web Experience

Wednesday May 29, 2019

  1. Faster Loading Times
    Waiting for a website to load is frustrating. Our new web experience is streamlined and allows for the loading of pictures, text, and videos quickly and efficiently.
  2. Great Content
    Content remains our key focus. We’ve made our great content even easier to find and understand.
  3. Intuitive Design
    The design of the website has been simplified and made more intuitive, to allow visitors to scroll through the website at leisure as well as drill down into the detail and find content relevant to them.
  4. All New Datasheets
    We’ve updated our datasheets to reflect our all new and improved product quality. These are available to download.
  5. Responsive, Mobile Optimised
    We know our customers are busy people and like to work on the go. Our websites are fully optimised to be used on tablets, mobile phones, desktop, and laptop devices, letting our website users browse wherever they might be.

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