We Engineer Rocks for a Better World

Powering the industries of tomorrow with ultra-pure quartz essential to the technology advancing humanity

With our progressive approach and incomparable quality, our quartz is behind the world's foremost solar, optical fiber, and semiconductor technologies.

The promise in a grain of sand

At TQC, we’re the experts in unlocking this promise. In a series of advanced processing techniques spanning two continents and decades of research, we take a humble ore and optimize its potential to be one of the purest minerals on the planet.

Where long-term demand meets ambition

The green energy transformation will require individuals with bright ideas and a sense of purpose to be successful. Keeping pace with this growing market means investing in people who want to join us in making the world better.

A better world is built with communities

Our commitment to a better world extends beyond the products we create. We are dedicated partners in our communities and get hands-on to make them even better places to live.